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Doujin scans! and stuff.

*pokes poor dead fandom with a stick*

Here, have some het. Scans are posted on devil_mode, and you must join the community to view them.

Title: The Queen Syndrome (Oujo-sama Shoukougun/Oujo-sama Syndrome)
Artist: Yasuhara Yuki
Circle: Hakai-ryouiki
Pairing: Kojima/Mizuno
Rating: PG

There are more Whistle! scans posted on the community, but none of them are "new", either they were only posted to my old doujinshi journal or were posted on the website I've since closed down. Pairings/Characters -> Shige/Mizuno, U-14's, Tokyo Senbatsu, Shibusawa/Fujishiro, & Fuwa/Shou. More coming at some point.

And pimping since they can always use them, fanlistings & general Whistle! fansite (when I get off my ass and actually update things. >_>)

For The Dream: Whistle! fansite & Fanlisting Trials of Trust: Mizuno Tatsuya Fanlisting Bleached: Satou Shigeki Fanlisting a winner is us.: U-14's (Sanada Kazuma, Wakana Yuhto & Kaku Eishi/Yeoung-sa) Fanlisting

Go ♥ Join ♥ Give the boys some love 8D
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